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Sunday, Jan 02, 2011

Yosef Seigel (Crown Heights) to Sarah Abrahamson (Omaha, NE)

Asaf Advocat (Fairlawn, NJ) to Zelda Rieber (Crown Heights)
@ 640 Empire Blvd. - 7:00pm

Saadia Liberow (Porto Alegre, Brazil) to Mussie Matusof (Calgary, Alberta)

Yisroel Cywiak (Flatbush, NY) to Bracha Goldberg (Crown Heights)
@ 706 CROWN ST.

Shmais is looking for "your favorites"

Sunday, Jan 02, 2011

SHMAIS.com is in the process of updating our links page.

If you have a "favorite" or worthwhile website you think would be beneficial to fellow SHMAIS readers please e-mail us @ Shmais@aol.com


Sunday, Jan 02, 2011

The Chabad House in Dix Hills is looking for a post sem school young woman to work alongside another Lubavitch post sem young women to help our Chabad House flourish.

The job consists of teaching Hebrew School, running youth programs, organizing Friendship Circle programs and developing relationships with our Chabad House people.

You must have a passion for this type of job and a drivers license.

Please call Yakov Saacks @ 631-351-8672

Dichter: No Arab 'Return,' Erekat Will Swallow his Words

Sunday, Jan 02, 2011

(Israelnationalnews.com) MK Avi Dichter, former Minister of Internal Security, spoke to Arutz Sheva's Hebrew-language news service Sunday regarding negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. The discussion focused on senior PA negotiator Saeb Erekat, who recently told the British daily The Guardian that Israel must recognize the Arab “right of return” if it wants peace.

According to Erekat, the “right of return” should apply not only to Arabs who fled pre-state Israel during the War of Independence, but also to every one of their descendants, making a total of seven million people eligible to “return” to Israel. “In Bosnia and in Palestine, the return of refugees has been considered absolutely necessary for the stability of peace,” he said.

Erekat's remarks are unprecedented, but not overly worrisome, Dichter said. While PA leaders have often voiced demands for “return” in the Arab press, “I don't remember [seeing] such extreme statements from such a senior figure,” he said.

However, he said, “The 'right of return' will not be included in the peace process... Talk about the 'right of return' is meaningless. Everyone understands that there will not be a solution that includes 'return,' no matter who says what.”continue...


Sunday, Jan 02, 2011


Henoch ben Sima
Chanoch Hendel ben Shterna Sarah
Chaim Zuriel ben Nomi
Yossel ben Mindel
Chaya Mushka bas Gila Elka
Tova Raizel bas Nechama Dina
Tinok ben Lee Chaya

Dovid Yehuda ben Masha
Gershon ben Tovah
Michal bas Leah
Yaakov HaLevi bas Sheindle
Gershon Mendel Ben Leah
Penina Chana bas Shellee Rochel
Dovid ben Draiza
Menachem ben Rochel Leah

Chaya Meira Mindel bas Chava Golda
Chana Rochel bas Pesha
Yehosefa Nechama Batya bas Leah Freida

Ohr Hachaim ben Nava
Netanel Chaim ben Nava
Menachem HaLevi ben Freida
Chaya Malka bas Rochel
Basia bas Raizel
Shifra bas Chana Rivka
Tinok ben Sara
Yaakov Immanuel ben Sarah Sosha
Avrohom Yitzchok ben Hindel
Esther Luna bas Dorit
Yakov ben Sheindel
Yitzchok Mordechai ben Blima Sora
Naftoli Yitzchock ben Malka Mirel
Chana Serach bas Blima
Bella bas Itka
Chananya ben Rochel
Faiga Rochel Bas Pesia
Shahram ben Victoria
Dovid Yosef ben Faige Perel
Yisroel ben Neima
Hadassa bas Roza
Yaacov Yosef Tzemach ben Chaya Basya
Sara bas Shoshana
Dina bas Leah
Liba Zlatah bas Chanah Rivkah

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Should Jonathan Pollard be released?

Sunday, Jan 02, 2011


Sunday, Jan 02, 2011

If you wrote a check for a charitable donation on December 31 or you charged a charitable contribution on December 31, you can still count the deduction on your 2010 income tax return even if the check is not cashed until 2011 or if you don't pay the credit card until 2011.

Please stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for more useful tax tips.

Provided by: Avrohom N. Roth

Family Shabbaton in Donetsk

Sunday, Jan 02, 2011

DONETSK, Ukraine — Last weekend, the hotel “Old Castle,” located near the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk, held a Shabbaton for schoolchildren and their families. For three days, the participants immersed themselves in an atmosphere rich in Jewish traditions, new knowledge and discoveries. This opportunity was made possible through the support of the Avi Chai Foundation and this is not the first year that this organization has helped the Jewish community of Donetsk to organize the weekend.

The theme of this Shabbaton was “The home built by a Jew”. The adults and children spent time discussing what a Jewish home is comprised of and what characterizes a Jewish home. Several educational and entertaining programs were devoted to Jewish life, kashrut, ritual items in the Jewish home, Jewish books and more. Participants in the Shabbaton also learned about synagogue life, Jewish education, mikvah, and the ultimate Jewish home, the Holy Temple.

One of the most important benefits of this event was that children and their parents spent time in a genuine Jewish atmopshere and felt the spirit and beauty, which they were able to bring back to their own homes. The Jewish community of Donetsk is a leading member of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine.

The Demonstration That Wasn’t …

Sunday, Jan 02, 2011

Following a recent letter from various Rabbis making an appeal against letting apartments to Arabs, 27 wives of Chief Rabbis signed a letter distributed by the Lehava organization warning Jewish girls against dating Arabs or working with them, either in the office or as part of National Service. The idea is to prevent intermarriage between Jewish women and Arab men.

The strongly written letter warned against the way that Arab men take on Israeli names and appear so charming and attentive at first. “But,” it cautioned. “The moment you are in their hands, in their village, under their control, everything changes … Your life will never return to how it was, and the attention that you craved so much turns into curses, blows, and humiliation.”

Since then, various news sites have reported that a group of women from Kiryat Motzkin held a demonstration against Rebbitzen Sterna Druckman, wife of Chief Rabbi Dovid Meir Druckman, in response to the letter.

Below is a translation of Rabbi Druckman’s response to such reports, which interprets events rather differently:

“My wife, in the manner of most kosher Jewish women, was busy making cholent for Shabbos, and apart from bursting out laughing she didn’t show any interest in the issue. I, on the other hand, was curious to see the substance of the reports and I went to the balcony to see if some of the things that were written were true. And I saw that, ‘there were no demonstrators and no shoes” and there wasn’t even a dog to be seen in the street … (Simply, I was disappointed. … Why? Read on.)

“On one of the sites, it was reported that my wife the Rebbitzen was the ‘instigator of the Rebbitzens’ letter.’ Although we see this as a compliment, it is not actually true. While my wife did indeed wisely sign the Rebbitzens’ letter, she was not the ‘instigator.’ We don’t want to give ourselves medals and accolades that indeed go to others.

“I have already said, and I’m not saying anything new here, that the media have not, for some time, always reported the news, and quite often they have even invented it … “By the way, it is really a shame that they didn’t demonstrate opposite our house, because then we would have invited the demonstrators to Kiddush in our home on Friday night. Then we would hear our brothers and sisters of Israel speaking about Parshas Hashuva and inspiring ideas from the Alter Rebbe, whose yahrzeit fell on 24th Teves, and all of this would have been in the pleasant atmosphere of Shabbos Mevorchim Chodesh Shevat.

“At the same time, we would make a friendly suggestion to our guests – not to make a similar demonstration opposite the home of any Arab khadi who is paid by the state (read: the Ministry of Religious Affairs) and uses his position to incite against the Jews in the spirit of ‘Itabakh al Yahud.”

“In such a case, they would have come away dripping blood, and that’s in a good situation, or Heaven forbid, in a coffin …

“In any case, it is clear to me that on Motzoei Shabbos, these demonstrators, ‘tinokos shenishbu’ as they would be, would surely have signed the letters of the Rabbis and Rebbitzens …”

Seeking responsible Camp Director

Sunday, Jan 02, 2011

Gan Izzy Chai Tots of Passaic, NJ, only 1 hr. from Crown Heights, is looking to hire a qualified female with camp experience to run our camp.

Car provided. Lodging accommodations can be arranged if preferred.

Good pay!

Contact Miriam @ 973-851-3837 OR e-mail: miriamsebbag@gmail.com.