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Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

On Friday night there were 6 Sholom Zochors k"ah!

Velvel Konikov Davened Shachris @ the Umud downstairs. There were 7 Chasanim. Sholom Charitonow spoke before Mussaf. Moshe Hecht davened Mussaf @ the Umud.

In the Rebbe's room, Hirshel Shifrin Davened Shachris @ the Umud. There were 3 Chasanim. Kalman Brikman Davened Mussaf @ the Umud.

The regular Kiddushim, including those for the Chasanim, were held both upstairs & downstairs in 770 and went on all afternoon long.

@ the Ohel for Shabbos there were lerech 50 people.


Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

Abi Vail (Crown Heights) to Tzippora Rivkin (Crown Heights)

Settlers to launch mass sit-down at Knesset

Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

Promising not to move until a national referendum is held over the Gaza Strip disengagement plan, settler leaders predicted several thousand people will flock to the Knesset Monday to kick off a mass sit-down demonstration against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's pullout plan.

Referring to recent mass riots in Kiev over local presidential elections, Benzi Lieberman – head of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza Strip – said settler leaders, rabbis and other public figures will personally launch the protest under the slogan - "The transfer plan will not happen."

Every day a different region from the West Bank and Gaza will take part in the 24-hour demonstration. On Monday, settler officials said, some 60 buses from the Binyamin region and the center of the country will transport activists to the capital to participate in the protest.

Large tents, restrooms and running water are being installed in the area to facilitate the protestor's needs.


Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

Malka bas Simcha

Chaya Mushka bas Norit Esther

Chaim Shmuel ben Esther Rivka

Ilana Penina bas Miriam Shaina


Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

The appointment of Melech HaMoshiach has in reality already occurred, as we say in the verse (Psalms 89:21), "I have found My servant David; I have anointed him with My holy oil." All that is needed is for the people to accept him as king and for the actualization of the total unity between the king and the people -- with the complete and total redemption. (The Rebbe, 25 Shevat, 5751-1991)

Dagestan Community Welcomes New Rabbi

Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

DERBENT, Russia – The Jewish community of Derbent, one of the most ancient Jewish communities in the Caucasus region, welcomed their first resident rabbi in seventy years. With Jews comprising 8,500 of the 110,000 residents in Dagestan's second-largest city, there was a sizeable number of people waiting for this historic moment.

This year, Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar and Derbent community chairman Miir Mishiyev proposed that Ovadya Isaakov, a native of Derbent, become the permanent Rabbi of the city. A graduate of the Chabad Lubavitch Yeshiva in Moscow, Ovadya studied in Israel, has experience teaching the Talmud and Jewish philosophy, and worked as a tutor at Moscow's 'Mesivta' High School. He is also a brilliant artist, whose works on Jewish themes are exhibited at the Moscow JCC.

His wife Esther who is joining him on this life journey, is a native of Ukraine and a graduate of the Beit Chana Jewish teachers college in Dnepropetrovsk.

Today, the Jewish community of Derbent is experiencing active growth, operating a Jewish Sunday School, a Youth Club, Library, Women's Club, historical museum, 'Chevra Kadisha' Burial Society, and a Jewish cemetery. Derbent is home to nearly 600 Jewish children of school age; however, no Jewish school has been established here as of yet. Of the 11 synagogues in 1917, only the Great Synagogue remains today in the city. The Jewish community has gained tenure of this building, with its 500-square-meter prayer hall. The building required full reconstruction to incorporate a Mikva, a community center, a rabbi's office, and Sunday school classrooms. Local donors have contributed part of the funds required for this, but a good portion still needs to be raised.

Rabbi Ovadya Isaakov has visited Derbent several times during his studies and organized this year's Chanukah festivities. He has also discovered many rare books and Torah scrolls stored in the Synagogue, part of which he took to Moscow for restoration.

He will be supported by an ongoing grant by the Rohr Family Foundation of New York headed by Mr. Sami and George Rohr, which also supports hundreds of other Rabbis throughout the Former Soviet Union.

2 Bedroom Basement Apt. For Rent. / Short or Long Term - Parking available in Crown Heights

Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

Beautiful 2 Bedroom basement apartment for rent. Great block! Newly painted, new Kitchen, stove, refrigerator and floor located on Crown Street.

Parking available. Long term, short term, Storage or every day. Location is on Troy Avenue Bet. President and Carroll $125 a month.

Call: 646-236-7247 or Email: Jacareman@yahoo.com

Looking for Jewish Nanny / Housekeeper - Brooklyn

Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

We are looking for a jewish nanny/housekeeper Monday - Friday, Brooklyn. Good pay.
Please email: mrrealty@aol.com


Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

SNS would like to wish a hearty Mazel Tov to Levi & Michal (nee Saul) Mendelow - Stamford, CT - on the birth of their firstborn son.

May the newborn be a source of Nachas to his parents, grandparents, relatives & Klal Yisroel.


Sunday, Jan 02, 2005

SNS would like to wish a hearty Mazel Tov to Moishe & Faigi (nee Kitchner) Blizinsky - Crown Heights - on the birth of their firstborn daughter.

May the newborn be a source of Nachas to her parents, grandparents, relatives & Klal Yisroel.