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The Miracle At Maor

Thursday, Jan 02, 2003

A terrorist infiltrated a home in Moshav Maor, east of Hadera, late last night, but was killed before he could carry out his murderous designs. He managed to enter the home of Roland and Larissa Mori, and even to fire one bullet. At that point, however, his gun jammed, and Roland yelled for his wife to escape while he began throwing dishes and other objects at the terrorist. After Roland also escaped, two neighbors arrived on the scene, and made sure that the terrorist did not leave the house. They later recounted that they saw his gun and heard him attempting to operate it, and even called to him to leave, but he closed the door of the room and did not come out. Their efforts were critical in ensuring that the incident did not become a community-wide alarm, but was rather restricted to one house.

Large army forces then arrived and surrounded the house, and after three hours, when the terrorist approached the front door, they let out a burst of gunfire and killed him. A Kalachnikov rifle, of the kind distributed to the Palestinian police several years ago, was found on his person, together with four full magazines. Police and army officials praised the quick response of the local residents. "We expect that communities will act as independent security entities, and will provide the proper response in the minutes until the trained forces arrive," the local Border Guard commander said. "There is no doubt that the terrorist intended to carry out a murder spree in Moshav Maor."


Thursday, Jan 02, 2003

Shmais News Service & SHMAIS.com were requested to announce that anyone interested in babysitting in their home for the children of the Shluchos during the Kinus from Thursday, Jan. 23rd through Sun. Jan. 26th should call 718-774-4000 ext. 209. This service was a great success last year, and we want to encourage the crown heights community to continue servicing our Shluchos by giving them the time and peace of mind to make the most of their Kinus Hashluchos.

We have also been informed that as an added feature of the Kinus Hashluchos this year, a list has been compiled of the local playgroups and will be available to the Shluchos in the near future on KINUS.COM. All registration forms are already available for download, and updates will be posted regularly.

The Kinus Office has requested that Shluchos visit KINUS.COM before calling the office with questions, as most answers will be found online. Kollel wives and future Shluchos can also attend by filling out a registration form, clearly marking it KOLLEL on top, and getting it signed by Rabbi Nochum Kaplan of the Mochon L'shlichus or Rabbi Ephraim Mintz of the Shluchim Placement Bureau, if they are members there.


Thursday, Jan 02, 2003

Shmulik Aronov - E-MAZEL TOV (Kfar Chabad) to Leah Bar-Cohen (Lod, Israel)

Schneur Zalman Kesselman (Oak Park, MI) to Raizel Matusof (Toulouse, France)

Picture of the day

Thursday, Jan 02, 2003

Click on thumbnail on left for an enlarged view of the window of the 1 hour photo developing @ Sterling Electronics filled with thousands of empty rolls of professionally developed film.

Winter Camp a Smashing Success in Great Neck

Thursday, Jan 02, 2003

The last week of the calendar year is usually a very quiet one for Jewish children, except for those who attended the Gan Israel winter camp in Great Neck, Long Island.

During the smashing week, with the help of very capable Bochurim from 770, over 50 Jewish children k"ah enjoyed a fun filled learning experience, along with trips to ice skating, rock climbing, swimming, lazer tag, snow tubing and sports, while learning about Brochos, Kashrus, and Shabbos through sports, arts and crafts, baking, games and songs.

Camp ended on Tuesday with a very lively presentation by the campers for their parents, who were moved by the amount the children learned in such a short time. Many children were heard wondering aloud why camp couldn't be longer.

Rabbi Geisinsky, director of Chabad of Great Neck, was very happy with the camp commenting that it was the best camp since he moved out on Shlichus.


Thursday, Jan 02, 2003

Today's news is being brought to you by Rabbi Mendy & Mrs CD Solomon & family, Shluchim in Short Hills NJ. In honor of the 30th birthday of Shneur Mochkin, Montreal Canada. Email


Thursday, Jan 02, 2003

Yossi Bryski - E-MAIL
Shea Kievman - E-MAIL
Tuvia Friedman
Mendel Rosenblum


Thursday, Jan 02, 2003

SNS would like to wish a hearty Mazel Tov, to Berel & Chaya Sara (nee Greenberg) Barash -- Bal Harbour, FL on the occasion of the birth of their firstborn daughter.

May the newborn be a source of Nachas to her parents, grandparents, relatives and Klal Yisroel.


Thursday, Jan 02, 2003

in a ceremony held this Sunday, December 29, at the international conference of orthodox leadership in Jerusalem, Mr. Levi Leviev received the 5763 Jerusalem Prize for his achievements in creating Jewish education and community in the former Soviet Union.

Mr. Leviev is the president of the Or Avner Jewish Schools, which operates some 75 facilities in the FSU, and contributor to countless Jewish causes in the former Soviet Union and beyond. Mr. Leviev is one of five recipients of the annual prize awarded for Jewish spiritual and community leadership.


Friday, Jan 03, 2003

Dov Oliver (Melbourne, Australia) to Shevy Muchnik (Monsey / Crown Heights)

Yisroel Nissim (Crown Heights) to Vered Vidal (Montreal, Canada)