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Tuesday, Jan 02, 2001

  • Rabbi Meir Geisinsky email
  • Rabbi Shmuel Zajac (Zaiants) email
  • Hanukkah on River draws hundreds

    Tuesday, Jan 02, 2001

    Hanukkah on River draws hundreds By J. Michael Parker Express-News In an overwhelmingly Christian community decorated for Xmas, a plaza beside the San Antonio River resembled a Jewish village for one brief night with a celebration of religious freedom more than 2,000 years old.

    Rabbi Chaim Block, executive director of Chabad Lubavitch of South Texas, lights the eighth lamp on the menorah Thursday at the annual Hanukkah on the River celebration at the International Bank of Commerce. The eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights ends today.

    More than 200 people sang traditional Hanukkah songs aboard five river barges, each one decorated with a large electric Hanukkah menorah, as tourists ashore interrupted their dinners and conversation to watch and wave at the merry-makers.continue...


    Tuesday, Jan 02, 2001

    SNS ED.We received the following via email from a Shliach in Arizona and in connection with our Sunday feature (this week it's Tuesday) "On the dollars line" we are printing it here.

    I met a couple here at a Chanuka event, and I got talking with them, where they were from etc., so the lady told me she was from Brooklyn NY. Where in Brooklyn? Flatbush, she answered.

    She then proceeded to tell me the following: She had been trying to have kids for a number of years, without success. She had a few miscarriages R"L, etc.

    So her father, suggested she go to the Rebbe for a Brocho by dollars. She told me she waited in the bitter cold for a few hours, and the Rebbe gave her a Brocho. Within the year she had a son. Her father also passed away within that year.....

    I realized later, that there must be so many Yidden out there whom the Rebbe gave Brochos to, and if not for the fact that I had innocently asked her a few questions, one would never had even heard of this story.


    Tuesday, Jan 02, 2001

    Chaim Ber Fisher (Boro Park) to Baily Gorowitz (Crown Heights)@ 726 Eastern Parkway

    Chaim Meir (Chamal)Lieberman (Kfar Chabad) to Chana Aronow (Kfar Chabad) @ Lubavitch yeshiva

    Yitzy Vail to N.D. Zimmerman @ Beis Menachem Nochum


    Tuesday, Jan 02, 2001

    Though FADAS I.E. programs, goodies etc. Far Dee Staff, a project of the CEO of Shmais, usually takes place during the summer months @ Gan Yisroel, NY there was an exception today.

    The occasion was in honor of 3 beloved Staff members from CGINY Summer 5760. The three Dovid Gutnick, Berry Farkash & Aron Shain are currently on Shlichus in YOEC.

    This afternoon the three Shluchim along with the CEO of Shmais had a special private lunch / FADAS, in a room in the "Shtall" @ YOEC. Bagels, eggs, sandwiches & orange juice were all on the menu. The four, reminisced about the great summer 5760 and discussed the upcoming 5761 summer @ Gan Yisroel, NY.

    Sam Malamud meets with President of Israel

    Tuesday, Jan 02, 2001

    Mr. Sam Malamud of Crown Heights, met today with the President of Israel, Mr. Moshe Katzav.

    The President was presented with a collection of stamps that Mr. Malamud had recently printed for certain African countries, commemorating the Israeli athletes that were murdered in Munich during the 1972 Olympics.

    Accompanying Mr. Malamud at this meeting were Rabbis' Chayim Yankel Leibovitch and Levi Edrei.
    (PHOTO: COL)


    Tuesday, Jan 02, 2001

    South Head Youth in Sydney Australia, hosted a most wonderful Chanukah bash, Sunday December 24, with over 200 people attending, including 150 children.

    There were many attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Everyone watched in amazement how real olive oil is made to light the menorah at the Olive Press.

    We then enjoyed ourselves making our very own delicious, hot, fresh latkes at the Latke Stand, together with "Zalman the Latke Chef".

    All the children had the chance to go jump around in the Jumping Castle. Throughout the program there was a Kids Video being shown. And to top it off, there was a delicious BBQ for everyone to enjoy. A Grand Magic Show was then presented by one of Sydney's best magicians - "Benjini".

    The big Beautiful silver menorah was then lit. Followed by the South Head Youth Boys Choir. They all sang really nicely, adding a lot of spirit to the event.

    The Chanukah Extravaganza concluded with a special Chanukah video presentation and a Grand Raffle for a beautiful stereo set. Everyone had a great time and admitted that the Chanukah Extravaganza helped this Chanukah be their happiest ever!


    Wednesday, Jan 03, 2001

    Click on small thumbnail on left to see an enlarged view of a group of students learning in Cheder Menachem posing for SNS in the dining room of their school in Los Angeles, CA. Everyone pictured was also a camper this past summer in Gan Yisroel, NY. The picture was taken on Monday 6 Teves, during a visit to the school by the CEO of Shmais.

    Levi Garelik goes to Chicago

    Wednesday, Jan 03, 2001

    Chabad - Lubavitch of Illinois hosted a Kashrus Seminar on Monday. There were two hours for the men from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM and two hours for the women from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM.

    Part 1 of the Seminar was
    The World of Kashrus: How to be an informed Kosher Consumer with Guest Speaker Rabbi Levi Garelick - Rabbinic Coordinator of the OK labs

    Part 2 was about Kosher Standards for our Community.


    Wednesday, Jan 03, 2001

    Eighth night of Hanukkah celebrates a complete life through good deeds.

    It was a celebration of the feeling of being complete. Rabbi Simcha Backman of The Chabad Congregation of Glendale and the Foothill Communities led a ceremony to acknowledge the last night of Hanukkah, which took place at 5 p.m. Thursday on the lower level of the Glendale Galleria.

    The event began with the lighting of the eighth candle of the Menorah and prayer. Prayers were for the importance of Mitzvot , or good deeds done to help perfect the world. Backman also emphasized the importance of an ultimate goal, which is to work together so that all people can live in peace and harmony.

    After the lighting of the eighth candle on the Menorah, Paul Shusterman sang and played traditional Hanukkah songs and Jewish folk music on the keyboard. Clowns and face painters entertained children with balloon animals, while latkes, or potato pancakes, and donuts were served.

    A member of The Chabad Congregation dressed up like Judah the Macabee, who led the Jewish revolt against the Greeks to regain their temple.