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Sunday, Feb 20, 2000

M.C. for the Chuppa was Rabbi Shimon Hecht - Park Slope, NY. The world renowned Chazan, Shloma Leib Abramowitz sang Boruch haba. Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky- Mazkir of the Rebbe, read the Rebbe's letter. Shimon Hecht translated the letter. Berel Rodal an uncle of the Kalla - Birchas Kohanim. Rabbi Shea Hecht, father of the Choson was Mesader Kiddushin. Before he made the Brochos, Rabbi Shimon Hecht called out "Bereshus the Rebbe Nesee Doraynu, the Baal Habus of 770. Rabbis' Binyomin Klein & Sholem Ber Gansburg were Aday Kiddushin. R' Chaim Dovid Kagan - uncle of Kalla read the Kesuba. BROCHOS 1&2) Alter Goldstein - brother-in-law Choson 3) Yankel Kagan - cousin of Kalla 4) Levi Hecht - uncle of Choson 5) Berel Rodal - uncle of Kalla 6) Menachem Rodal - uncle of Kalla 7) Aryeh Sufrin - uncle of Choson The Choson & Kalla came into the Oholei Torah ballroom for the dancing @ 8:10pm. The wedding was very very Lebedik. Many prominent politicians came to participate in the wedding including Bruce Teitelbaum campaign manager for NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani US Senate bid, NYC Councilman Kenneth Fisher, Senator Marty Markowitz, NYC Sports Commissioner Kenneth J. Podziba, CHJCC member Chanina Sperlin and many others .Benzion Cohen was the caterer, Levi Liberow was the photographer, Sholem Ber Goldstein took the video and Zalman Goldstein provided the wonderful Music.


Sunday, Feb 20, 2000

Today was the 27th Yahrtzeit of Sarah bas Yehoshua Hecht (Bubby Soochie). May we merit Vehukeetzu veranenu shochnay ufur vehee besochom!.


Sunday, Feb 20, 2000

Camp Gan Yisroel NY , is putting together the final touches for a spectacular camp reunion. The reunion for campers of Summer 5759 will be held IYH Shabbos Parshas Vayakhel in Morristown, NJ. Information? call the camp office @ 718-774-4805

New Site for Shmais.com

Thursday, May 04, 2000

A new site has been launched today which includes features of news and the tzach list online.

In Others news..........

Sunday, May 07, 2000

There have been a rash of "Genayvos" recently in Crown Heights, which include houses, car windows - hubcaps an office and even Esthers (Moshiach) deli. In response to the numerous robberies and car break ins there's an idea being passed around to perhaps hold a massive demonstration outside the 71th precinct, to demand that cops step up efforts to catch the perpetrators and reduce crime.
Rabbi & Mrs. Chaim Yankel Broner of Crown Heights will IYH be leaving on Shlichus this week to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
When we approached Dovid Mandelbaum requesting to interview him, he told us "Kiss my ..........!"


Sunday, May 07, 2000

Mordechai Telsner got a new velvet yarmulka. On top it has "yechi" in red letters. Now, people are going to email us and ask what is the connection and importance of this piece of news. So, before you email us read on.

Before Shmais News Service emerged, with the motto of "Keeping Lubavitchers Informed" there was an organization called Fax-A-Sicha. Telsner along with his partner Yossi Malamud through their various fax services "Kept Lubavitch Informed"............. And now you know the rest of the story. FAX-A-SICHA / In Touch can be reached @ 718-363-1619


Sunday, May 07, 2000

MILON LIKKUTEI SICHOS is a brand new Sefer. It's a dictionary of 1900 Yiddish words which are found in Likkutei Sichos and were translated into Hebrew and English.

The Sefer was compiled by HaTomim Zalman Goldstein with assistance from his father Rabbi Levi Goldstein.


Sunday, May 07, 2000

Very warm weather over Shabbos. Mottel Berkowitz davened Shachris @ the Umud downstairs in 770. Nochum Kaplan davened in the Rebbe's room. The air conditioning downstairs was not working very well today, it was especially needed as temperatures were in the 80's!.

Levi Goldstein spoke before Mussaf. Shloma Leib Abramowitz Davened Mussaf @ the Umud downstairs. In the Rebbe's room Yosef Y. Chitrik - Tzfas Davened Mussaf.

The Maamorim Chazzered before the end of Shabbos were Chazzered by Sholom Levertov downstairs and HaTomim Mendy Hecht - Israel upstairs.

@ the Ohel there were 40 people for Shabbos.


Sunday, May 07, 2000

Okay, so we haven't been updated for almost a month. But for close to 1000 of you who are subscribed to our emails we made sure to keep you informed with the very frequent emails. And anyways didn't you enjoy Chanina's picture up there for 3 weeks?

On a serious note, it gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our brand new site chock full of new features and colorful animated advertisements. A recent ad for Gan Yisroel NY had the following line "the best camp keeps getting better." We would like to use a similar line "The best website, keeps getting better!"

We would like to thank our great designer Shimmy Ohana for this fantastic new dynamic site. One of the best features Shimmy has made is that we can now update the site on our own. Should you need any web design feel free to contact Shimmy via email @ so@iwsg.com

Mrs. Chana Gurewitch obm

Sunday, May 07, 2000

Mrs. Chana Gurewitch obm passed away this past Friday. The levaya left this morning from Beis Rivka in Yerres, France to Orly airport at 6 am. From there it went on to Har Hazeisim in Israel.

Her husband, Rabbi Berel Gurewitch, Menahel of Beis Rivka - France and children Shlit"a will be sitting shiva in Kfar Chabad at the home of Rabbi Yankel Lieberman, 407 levi yitzchok, Kfar Chabad tel (0)3-960-7207

Hamokom yenachem eschem besoch shaar avaylay tzion v'yerushalayim...Umikan u'lehabuh ach tov vuhchesed.