Shluchim Online School Alumni and Homework Helpers Meet

Posted Sunday, Mar 18 2012 3:33pm in Chabad News


An Online School event was held on Thursday at the Shluchim Lounge of the Shluchim Office for volunteers of the Homework Helpers program, as well as members of the Online School Alumni.

Homework Helpers is a volunteer program where students from Bais Rivka give their time to help Online School students with homework. The girls volunteer an hour or more a week to help students with their homework.

The Online School Alumni is a program where girls who have graduated the Online School join together for online and in-person reunions.

This gathering was a wonderful opportunity for the Online School alumni and the Homework Helpers to meet. While thanking the Homework Helpers, the alumni were able to give them a better picture of the school they were working with.

The program included a delicious dinner along with a “left-right” game and an Online School themed game of malarkey. Mushky Lipsker, who coordinates the Online School Alumni program, told them about a new “big sister-little sister program starting very soon. The highlight of the event was a chocolate carving demonstration with Mrs. Rivki Turner. The girls learned how to create multi colored chocolates, as well as how to include fillings, tie dye effects and more. The girls then created their own masterpieces.

The Homework Helpers add so much to the students of the Online School. A parent of the online school proudly proclaimed, “Not only was my daughter’s Keriah helped, she enjoys having an older friend to speak to. My Homework Helper calls each Monday and Wednesday, even when she was busy with production and convention. Thank you for such a great program!”

The girls all departed with their chocolate moldings as well as a feeling of success and appreciation for all their hard work.

The Shluchim Online School thanks the volunteers of Beis Rivkah High School who did a fabulous job so far and are sure the remainder of the year will be even more successful.

Thank you Rabbi Shemtov, Mrs. Rosenfeld, Mushkie Lipsker, Sheina Schochat, Chaya Yanni and Toby Herman for making this event possible.

Thank you to the Homework Helpers who devote time each week to help the Shluchim worldwide.

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