The non soluble fiber present in the binder comes in contact with the fat present in your body and they bind together. After binding, a liquid gel is formed. The fat fiber complex cannot be absorbed by the body and therefore it passes out of your body. pancreas and sweating and weight loss To lose 50 pounds fast, you need a diet plan which will provide a fast and continuous weight loss. Fast because you want to get thin as soon as possible and because the fast weight loss will motivate you to stick with the plan. It should be continuous because it takes time to lose 50 pounds and you want to lose as much as you can in one attempt, not yo-yo up and down. Yo-yo-ing is actually worse for you than losing weight quickly. weight loss diets for women I know how hard it can be to limit your cats food intake. You must also be very careful not to limit it too much. extreme fat loss Dose: Rely on a common sense approach of dose escalation and experimentation. Charts which float around the net often have not kept up with the collective and advocate dangerously high dosages. Escalate the dose and dose as low as able to measure (micrograms equate to super-physiological levels). With Melanotan 2, a good starting point is 250mcg. Find the smallest effective dose possible while limiting side-effects. Everyone is different, not all peptides are created equal. dash diet plan DihydrotaseT (Astaxanthin From Haematococcus Pluvialis, Saw Palmetto Berry Lipid Extract From Serenoa Repens) 800mg ** weight loss journals 675


Erev Shabbos Chanukah Parshas Miketz 26 Kislev 5771


Mordechai Wilshinsky (Los Angeles, CA) to Joelle Cohn (New Haven, CT)

Rafi Cohen (Brazil) to Fraidy Sobels (Brazil)

Shneur Lifshitz (Cincinatti, OH) to Chana Gold (Crown Heights)

Moshe Cohen (Manchester, UK) to Leah Rose (Manchester, UK)

Shmuel Goldberg (Yerres, France) to Miri Lipsker (Nachlas Har Chabad, Israel)

Yossi Cunin (Crown Heights) to Chaya Mushka Charytan (Winnipeg, Canada)

Moshe Dunn (Charlotte, NC) to Tzippy Jaronowski (Monroe, NY)

It's a Boy

Chaim & Aidel Zaklos - Vacaville, CA

Sholom Ber & Chana Lew - Glendale, AZ

Yossi & Chanie Apfelbaum - Crown Heights

Dovid & Nechamie Palace - Crown Heights

Zalman & Esther Skoblo - Crown Heights

Zalman Shimon & Soshie Deren - Crown Heights

Yoel & Batsheva Belinitzky - Crown Heights

Nosson & Nechama Dina Shusterman - Brooklyn, NY

Bentzy & Rashi Marcus - Redondo Beach, CA

It's a Girl

Mendel & Devorah Leah Heidingsfeld - Manchester, UK

Yisroel & Chany Haller - Crown Heights

Mendy & Vivi Levertov - Crown Heights

Zalman & Chanie Spitezki - Crown Heights

Shmuly & Shaina Feldman - Crown Heights

Yitzchok & Miriam Wiener - Los Angeles, CA

Moish & Rochel Tombosky - Pittsburgh, PA

Yossi & Arielle Lasry - Yerres, France

Avraham & Bayla Kroll - Baltimore, MD

Bas Mitzva

Bina Eckhaus - Crown Heights


Mendel Berkowitz (Los Angeles, CA) to Chaya'le Baras (Crown Heights)

Shimon Shechter (Miami, FL) to Mushky Goldberg (Crown Heights)

Shloime Greenwald (Toronto / Rechovot, Israel) to Tzivyah Kehaty (New Orleans, LA)

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