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Erev Chag HaShavuos \"Kabolas HaTorah BeSimcha U'bePenemius\" 5 Sivan 5760 49th day of the Omer


  • Shmully Raskin (Crown Heights) to Nechoma Dina Katz (Crown Heights)
  • Tzemach Cunin (Los Angeles, CA) to Aida Wilschansky (Morristown, NJ)
  • Avrohom Dovid Ben Zev (Jerusalem) to Aharona Yehudit Bergman (Toronto/Jerusalem)
  • Yitzie Kamman (Crown Heights) to Rochy Flint (Crown Heights)
  • Mendy Yakobovitch (Tzfas, Israel) to Hadassa Eisenbach (Jerusalem)
  • Menachem Waks (Melbourne, Australia) to Sarah Saraton (Australia)
  • It's a Boy

  • Shmuel & Tziporah Hahn TWINS a boy & a girl - Crown Heights EMAzIL TOV
  • Shloy & Toby Rubinstein - Crown Heights EMAzIL TOV
  • Mendy & Chaya Harlig - Las Vegas, NV EMAzIL TOV
  • Yechezkel & Leah Ida - Nachlas Har Chabad EMAzIL TOV
  • Mordy & Devorie Baumgarten - Crown Heights EMAzIL TOV
  • Shmulik & Chanie Kaminetzky - Dnepepetrovsk, Ukraine
  • Lazik & Sarah Rochel Ashkenazi - Montreal, Canada
  • Menachem & Chana Alperovitz - Crown Heights
  • It's a Girl

  • Dovy & Noemi Andrusier - Crown Heights
  • Yossi & Mina Eisenbach - Litchfield, CT EMAzIL TOV
  • Adam & Chanie Goodfriend - Crown Heights
  • Bar Mitzvah

  • Chaim Gajer - Crown Heights
  • Yankel Bistritzky - Crown Heights
  • Eliyahu Junik - Crown Heights
  • Yisroel Kopman - Jerusalem EMAzIL TOV
  • Weddings

  • Uri Perlman (Kingston, PA) to Rachel Lea Brownstein (Crown Heights)
  • Zalman Schapiro (Crown Heights) to Chaya Minkoff (Crown Heights)
  • Refoel Jaworowski (Melbourne, Australia) to Tzivia Brummel (Crown Heights)
  • Yosef Lifshitz (Northbrook, IL) to Devorah Ariella Riga (Livingston, NJ)
  • Yinon Gilady (Jerusalem) to Chana Harpaz (Jerusalem)
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