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Erev Shabbos Parshas Eikev 19 Menachem-Av 5773

Nati Levit (Johannesburg, South Africa) to Jolee Horwitz (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Levi Danzinger (Toronto, Ontario) to Gittel Duban (Crown Heights)

Chaim Cohen (Agoura Hills / Crown Heights) to Devorah Chaya Seigel (Monsey, NY)

Yigal Rosenberg (N. Miami Beach, FL) to Chali Levin  (Crown Heights)

Moshe Okunov (Crown Heights) to Nechama Dina Lewin (Sandton, South Africa)

Shimon Dashevsky (Ottawa, Canada) to Aliza Gordon (Ottawa, Canada)

Yosef Hellinger (N. Miami Beach, FL) to Batel Shpindler (Montreal, Canada)

Yaacov Yosef Raskin (Melbourne, Australia) to Chaya Mushka Blumenfeld (Lima, Peru)

Avraham Tzvi Katz (Twin Cities, MN) to Chaya Miriam Feldman (Philadelphia, PA)

Yitzchak Heisler (Seattle, WA) to Shaindy Rosenfeld (Crown Heights)

Boruch Niasoff (Brooklyn, NY) to Devorah Leah Levin (Palo Alto, CA)

Nissan Goldman (Johannesburg, South Africa) to Ariella Gawronsky (Cape Town, South Africa)

Yossie Lazarus (Cape Town, South Africa) to Kim Melamed (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Gershon Felberbaum (Monsey, NY) to Dvorah Drew (Long Beach, CA)

Births – Boys
Yaakov & Gitel Chaya Fogel  - Crown Heights

Yisroel & Chanie Altein - Crown Heights

Mendel & Mushky Tiefenbrun - Crown Heights

Yossi & Mushky Teleshevsky - Crown Heights

Dovid Abba & Chaya Goldstein - Crown Heights

Adam & Clara Chaya Epstein - Crown Heights

Avrohom Menachem & Sorale Nelken  - Crown Heights

Mendy & Chani Pinson - Los Angeles, CA

Eli & Tova Feiner - Los Angeles, CA

Nochum & Hindy Light - Annapolis, MD

Zalman & Chanie Wolowik - Woodmere, NY

Reuvi & Menucha Cooper - Melbourne, Australia

Zalmy & Nechama Dina Baras - Cincinnati, OH

Menachem & Feige Slavaticki - Skokie, IL

Shmuly & Elana Kornfeld - Burbank, CA

Births – Girls
Naftaly & Mussy Zakon - Crown Heights

Dovber & Rachie Goodman - Crown Heights

Levi & Dena Blecher - Crown Heights

Motti & Devorah Leah Cohen  - Crown Heights

Mendel & Chaya Kesselman - Crown Heights

Yosele & Raizel Serebryanski  - Crown Heights

Chaim & Sora Emanuel - Crown Heights

Shloimy & Chany Rappoport  - Crown Heights

Chaim & Maia Duban - Crown Heights

Shloime & Shternie Litzman - Monsey, NY

Mordehai & Hanna Chalençon - Brussels, Belgium

Yossi & Ronit Rudd - N. Miami Beach, FL

Avraham & Rivka Varnai - Chicago, IL

Rafael & Chana Luba Ertel - Pittsburgh, PA

Zalman & Dit Greenberg - Bethlehem, PA

Shua & Liba Hecht - Ellenville, NY

Moshe & Sheina Serebryanski - Melbourne, Australia

Kushi & Fraida Schusterman - Bel Air, MD


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