VIDEO: Schottenstein's Brocha fulfilled? Joe Flacco chosen as Superbowl MVP

Posted Monday, Feb 4 2013 12:13pm in Chabad News, Video


Want to know they real secret behind the Baltimore Ravens victory over the San Francisco 49ers? The "Birchas Kohanim" - the traditional Jewish blessing of the priests.
CEO of Swiss Stays, David Schottenstein who is a "Kohen"  delivered the blessing to his close friend, Super Bowl MVP QB Joe Flacco on Motzoei Shabbos, ahead of the big game!

For his part Schottenstein wrote on his Facebook page, "Two weeks ago I gave my dear friend Ravens QB Joe Flacco the Kohen (ancient tribe of Jewish priests that my family belongs to) blessing of Yevorechecha before the game. Last night Joe Flacco called me at 11:30pm from his hotel room in New Orleans because he wanted the blessing again!! I wanted to wait until they won before posting the video of last nights blessing but here it is!! I'd like to think it may have played a small part in the big win! Congrats Ravens and congrats to game MVP Joe Flacco!!!"



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