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The Rebbe's Advice #812 - Avoid Kabbalah Ma'asis

Posted Wednesday, Jan 11 2012 7:23pm in Chabad News, Rebbe's Advice

In memory of Rabbi Gavriel & Rebbetzin Rivkah Holtzberg HYD - Shluchim to Mumbai, India

You ask whether it is true that regarding shidduchim the souls have to match, and that through graphology and palm reading this can be determined.

Yes, the Zohar talks about these issues. Therefore, it is not contrary to the commandment, "one should be sincere in his relationship with Hashem." This refers to staying away from practices which feel and seem strange such as palm reading and graphology.

However, the above is only true if the person who is the palm reader truly knows the source of the people's souls who come to him. [In our generation this information can only be communicated from teacher to student. One cannot come to it on his own.] However, someone who has not received this tradition from an authentic Kabbalah teacher, and gives advice through the reading of the palms is misleading people.

I wonder if there is, in our generation, anyone who can say and avow publicly that he is an expert in this field.

Stay away from practical implementation of Kabbalah known as Kabbalah Ma’asis. In many holy seforim we are instructed to avoid this entire approach.

IK, vol. 15 p. 64

led by Rabbi Chaim Dalfin

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