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EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Top Lubavitch Shadchanim weigh in on Shidduchim Crisis!

Posted Tuesday, Feb 14 2012 9:25pm in Chabad News, Video


Ask six different shadchanim - with a combined total of over 1000 Shidduchim made -  if there is a shidduch crisis in Lubavitch, and you’ll get six different answers. That is the result of an in depth, special SHMAIS.com EXCLUSIVE report.

Ask them what can be done to improve the situation, and there’s tremendous agreement.

Is there a shidduch crisis?

Rabbi Yonah Avtzon (275 shidduchim and counting):
“Yes, there’s a crisis, and it’s bigger than you think.”

Raizy Edelman (close to 300 shidduchim made):

“I don't feel there is a shidduch crisis in Lubavitch. I just feel that there are more ‘better’ girls than ‘better’ boys.”

Shandel Malka Blasberg (making shidduchim for 30 years in Israel and America; lost count):
“There certainly are a lot of singles, although I don’t believe the issue is the ratio of girls to boys.”

Rochel Bryski (making shidduchim for over 10 years; lost count):
“There is a problem, and it’s much harder to get a date than it was 10 years ago.”


Sara Labkowski (shidduch educator, not an official shadchan; making and assisting in shidduchim for 40 years):
“Of course there’s a crisis.”

Faige Rapp (22 years in shidduchim, stopped counting):  “I don’t like calling it a crisis – to me, that has a negative connotation. There are B”H many beautiful engagements happening these days, both among older and younger singles.”


EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Top Lubavitch Shadchanim weigh in on Shidduchim Crisis!

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