SHMAIS.COM EXCLUSIVE: Major Philanthropist: Stop sending gifts!

Posted Friday, Mar 17 2017 8:46am in Chabad News

By Levi Hodakov

On Tuesday night I had the good fortune to speak with a major philanthropist in the Jewish community to enlist his support for the Chabad of Clearwater's $1,500,000 expansion. The individual, who for obvious reasons will remain anonymous, gives millions of dollars to hundreds of causes annually.

During the call, he asked to go off topic and bemoaned the trend of what he calls “Matonos Le’Gevirim”, stating that every year he receives dozen upon dozens of beautiful Mishloach Monos packages to his home and business. 

“Purim is about Matonos La’evyonim, not “Matonos Le’Gevirim“, I  don’t open them and don’t even get to read the messages. There are teachers and employees in these Mosdos who are struggling. Why don’t they use the funds instead to help them instead of sending me the Shalach Monos?” he asked. On top of it all I need to pay for an Uber to send all the Shalach Monos home with my housekeeper he joked.

All jokes aside, he was very serious and he’s not the only one. This year, at the Kinnus HaShluchim, world renowned philanthropist Mr. George Rohr said that he has long banned “Shalach Monos”.  It came he said after not being able to walk into his house one year due to all the packages blocking the entrance to his house.

While not interviewing  any other mega donors for this article it’s safe to say that they’d ALL be in agreement.

I suggested to the above anonymous donor that he send a letter to all the recipients of his Tzedaka with his wish to stop sending Shalach Monos. I don’t know if he will but it’s still worthy to keep it in mind before next Purim and  send your “Mega Donor” a letter stating who you helped in lieu of the Shalach Monos. You can be sure he will appreciate it and YOU much more!

SHMAIS.COM EXCLUSIVE: Major Philanthropist:  Stop sending gifts!

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