Rabbi Heller and Kollel Members Visit Park Slope Mikva

Posted Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 2:01pm in Chabad News


Harav Hagaon Rabbi Yosef Avrohom HaLevi Heller, head of the Rebbe’s Kollel in Crown Heights, recently took over thirty young Rabbis to Park Slope for a hands-on mikva tour.

The Park Slope Mikva is being constructed in memory of Mrs. Sara Drizin, the mother of philanthropist R’ Sholom Ber Drizin and grandmother of Mr. Zevy Drizin, a resident of Park Slope.

The tour provided the young Rabbis with the opportunity to experience first-hand the intricacies of building a kosher mikvah with all its modern-day implications.  While at the site, the young men were shown the manner in which rainwater descends from the stone roof and comes to rest in the pit beneath the mikvah’s floor. At that time, Rabbi Heller also mentioned many possible halachic queries concerning mikvaot, and he explained to the young men how to resolve them.

Rabbi Shimon Hecht, Senior Shliach of Brownstone Brooklyn and overseer of the Park Slope Mikva, gave the group a complete tour of both the Men’s and Women’s mikvaot. In addition, he showed them the hospitality suites on the third floor of the building, which were also under construction. He was accompanied by expert Mikva builder Yanky Sufrin (the contractor pro bono) who gave the group a detailed description of the mikvah’s mechanics. Later, Rabbi Shimon expressed his joy at his ability to provide such an opportunity to so many promising Rabbis. “I was particularly gratified to observe some of the young Rabbis get involved in animated analyses of complex aspects of the mikva,” he said.

Although Rabbi Heller does not personally give a hashgacha on mikvaos, he seemed very impressed with the structure and current development. “Very beautiful,” he commented, summing up the project.

The Jewish Community of Brownstone Brooklyn is extremely grateful to the Drizin family for their ceaseless support and dedication regarding the mikva. In their merit, thousands of Jewish families in the neighborhood will G-d willing have easy access to one of the most fundamental functions regarding family purity.

With G-d’s help, the project will reach its monumental completion this coming summer.




Rabbi Heller and Kollel Members Visit  Park Slope Mikva

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