PHOTOS: Mesivta Oholei Torah Annual Shabbaton

Posted Thursday, Feb 7 2013 3:10pm in Chabad News, Crown Heights


The Oholei Torah Mesivta enjoyed their annual Shabbaton in many places in Upstate NY.



On Friday they had a tour of the State Capitol, and met with Rabbi Mendel Mathless, Shliach in Albany NY. Shabbos was spent in Saratoga Springs with guests from Crown Heights, which included Rabbi Mendel Reizes, Rabbi Sholom Dovid Pape and Rabbi Mendel Nemes.


With such prominent chassidim, it was truly an uplifting and memorable shabbos. Motzei Shabbos was the grand banquet, with guest speaker Rabbi Mendel Rubin, a local Shliach. A special Ba’al Shemtov story played out by Mendel Jacobson and Simcha Raskin. An acrobatic and juggling performance from Nochum Greenwald, and Yehoshua Susskind led the bochrim in Negunim by playing the violin. The Banquet culminated with singing and dancing led by Moti Reizes and Schneur Minsky.

A special thanks was given to Rabbi Abba Rubin, shliach to Saratoga Springs helping with the arrangements.


After Chassidus and Shacharis, on the way back to NY the Mesivta stopped by Rabbi Yitzchok Hecht, Shliach in Kingston NY where they enjoyed a BBQ.

A surprise stop was made at Wooden Wheelers Roller Skating Ring. Rabbi Moshe Plotkin of New Paltz, NY joined the bochurim and spoke about his special shlichus in the local university.


The bochurim enjoyed a full program and a catered food by Yossi Rodel and Yossi Tiefenbrun.


The Shabbaton was organized by Rabbi Hillel Laufer, Mashgiach and Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, Menahel.



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