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Erev Shabbos Chol Hamoed Pesach 18 Nissan 5771

BeNissan Nigalu UbeNissan Asidin Lehigoel!

4th day of the Omer


Celebrating 13 years of Mazel Tovs!




Shmuel Eliezer Rieber (Los Angeles, CA) to Daniella Tova Nisenbaum (Los Angeles, CA)

Jesse (Yehuda Leib) Kaufman (Jacksonville, FL) to Rivkah Winderman (Los Angeles, CA)

Yaakov Chayim Greenfield (Wembly, UK) to Adina Solomon (Morristown, NJ)

Yisroel Wolf (Melbourne, Australia) to Hila Altman (Israel)


Births – Boys

Shlomo & Dvora Lawrence - Crown Heights

Mordy & Chana Werde  - Crown Heights

Mendy & Chaya Musia Baruch - Crown Heights

Yosef & Raizel Schapiro - Crown Heights

Berl & Nechama D. Zwiebel - Crown Heights

Zalman & Chanie Kravitz - Los Angeles, CA

Hersh Meilech & Chassi Rivkin - Morristown, NJ

Alter & Chanchy Goldstein - Ann Arbor, MI

Sholom Ber & Rochele Odze - Sydney, Australia

Levi & Leah Stern - Chicago, IL

Binyomin & Yehudis Rozenberg - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sholom & Ester Sarah Dickshtein - Melbourne, Australia

Shloimy & Rochel Rosenberg - Fort Lauderdale, FL


Births – Girls

Berel & Ita Raices - Toronto, Ontario

Chaim & Chanie Lazaroff - Houston, TX

Shua & Basha Naparstek - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Yossi & Sheiny Schanowitz - Crown Heights


Bar Mitzva


Mordechai Zvi Pruss - London, UK



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