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In memory of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben R' Zalman Yuda Deitsch OBM

Jacob blessed Judah that, "The scepter will not depart from Judah... until Shilo comes, and the nations obey him." Shilo refers to Moshiach who is from the tribe of Judah, and to whom all the nations of the world will gather and obey. He is called Shilo for a number of reasons: Shilo is similar to "she-lo" ("that which is his"). i.e., that true sovereignty belongs to him (Targum, Rashi); "shai lo" ("gift to him") - all nations will bring a gift to Moshiach. (Yalkut Shimoni); "shalva" ("peace") - In the days of Moshiach there will be world peace (S'forno); "shilyasa" or "sh'lil" ("newborn") - that he will be born to human parents.

(Rabeinu Bechaye)



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