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Horrific Tragedy in Nachlas Har Chabad: Three Korbonos HY"D

Posted Thursday, Nov 15 2012 8:20am in Chabad News

A barrage of missiles aimed at Kiryat Malachi turned Nachlas Har Chabad into a horrific war zone, claiming three lives, two of them members of Anash, HY"D. The entire community is devastated from the tragedy, and davening for the injured.

The victims, two men and a woman, were identified as Ahron Smadga, Yitzchak Amselam, and a 25 year old expectant woman, Mirah (nee Cohen) Scharf. An infant and several children were among the wounded who were taken to nearby hospitals. The victims were members of the city’s Chabad community.

The shelters in Kiryat Malachi were not readied for the onslaught, and the residents of the building that was hit were running to relative safety under the stairwell of the building, when a missile hit, taking precious lives and injuring the others.

A reminder: during the Gulf War the Rebbe instructed the residents of Eretz Yisroel to heed the security instructions.

AD MOSAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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