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Mivtza Tefillin a Great Success Among the Soldiers

Mivtza tefilllin has been particularly successful in Gush Etzion, among the army bases located near the site of the abduction of the three teens earlier this summer.
At the E Continue Reading

Brooklyn Boom Squeezes Buyers Pushing Into Crown Heights

Julian and Danielle Katz budgeted $1.5 million to buy a home in their popular Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood of Fort Greene. The only places they could afford were smaller t Continue Reading


In memory of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben R' Zalman Yuda Deitsch OBM

Exile is associated with night -- darkness and concealment. It is only a temporary state leading to the era of the R Continue Reading
By Dovid Margolin

Mariupol Jewish Community Sits Tight as Tanks From Russia Roll Into Ukraine

( During the summer months of any other year, southeastern Ukraine’s seaside city of Mariupol would draw scores of tourists to its foaming shores. Vacationing by the Continue Reading

Prominent Montreal philanthropist dies at 78

Prominent Montreal philanthropist and businessman Irwin Beutel died Tuesday Aug. 19 in his 78th year after a brief illness.
Mr. Beutel, whose funeral was held this past Friday Continue Reading

Lod Mayor Celebrates Beginning of New Academic Year at the Chabad Talmud Torah

Lod’s Mayor Yair Revivo opened the new academic year at the city’s Chabad Talmud Toragh by visiting each classroom with balloons and candies.
The staff, led by principal Continue Reading


In memory of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben R' Zalman Yuda Deitsch OBM

While the darkness of earlier periods demanded less effort, the darkness of our days -- the generation which can hea Continue Reading

Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe East Coast Parent Respite Program

What does it feel like to try and communicate when you have an expressive language disorder? Maybe something like talking through a mouthful of marshmallows. How about trying to Continue Reading

Remembering Daniel Tregerman

This Shabbos, a special initiative has been launched to remember little Daniel Tregerman, who lost his life at the age of four when a missile hit his home in Nachal Oz.
The i Continue Reading
by Rena Greenberg - Ann Arbor, Michigan

A First At 83: Survivor, Philosopher, Wraps Tefillin

( Frithjof Bergmann, an 83-year-old Holocaust survivor, is a professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan. An avid student of anthropology and the human Continue Reading

Summer Yeshiva Ends with a Banquet

After two very full weeks of fun and learning, this year’s Tzeirei Lubavitch summer yeshiva drew to a close.
On the last day, everyone gathered for a group photo before si Continue Reading

VIDEO OF DAY: Chazzan Shneiny Kaplan sings @ Hecht-Greenberg wedding

SHMAIS.COM EXCLUSIVE: Chazzan Shneiny Kaplan sings @ wedding of Shlomie Hecht (Crown Heights) to Chana Greenberg (Crown Heights) @ OT
CLICK HERE TO WATCH Continue Reading

Nariman House leaves 26/11 scars behind

The gunshots are still reverberating, the wounds are still fresh and the bullet marks are still there, but it's time for a new start for Mumbai's Jewish community. Six years Continue Reading

How Rabbi Elituv Surprised the Sephardic Chief Rabbi

This week, various public figures attended the bris of the grandson of Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, including the members of the Chief Rabbinical Council. Continue Reading
By Dovid Margolin

From Hong Kong to Philadelphia, Teaching What’s Relevant to Jewish Youth

( the gleaming, densely populated towers of Hong Kong, a dozen Jewish teenagers from various backgrounds were in full-swing class mode at the headquarters of Chabad Continue Reading

Miracle in Kfar Chabad Esrog Grove

This afternoon, a miracle occurred when a missile launched by Hamas from Gaza was located in Kfar Chabad.
Local resident Nochum Luria discovered the missile lying in his esro Continue Reading

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