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Rabbis connect with Jews in rural Oklahoma

STILLWATER, Okla. — Two rabbis from Brooklyn spent the past few days in Stillwater meeting with Jews and reconnecting them with their traditions, rituals and heritage.

Rabbis Continue Reading


In memory of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben R' Zalman Yuda Deitsch OBM
The belief in Moshiach is not simply a hope for a blissful and carefree state of utopia. Rather, it is a belief in Continue Reading
By Levi Margolin

I’m an American kid with shaky Hebrew

  To answer the question on the minds of many people: Do we have any regrets that Max enlisted in the IDF as a lone soldier?” said Stuart Steinberg, at the funeral of his slain Continue Reading

SIMON LIVE: Bad Advice from Rabbis and more...

When: Live tonight, Sunday, 29 Tammuz,  8PM EST
Where: RIGHT HERE, scroll down on TOPICS TO BE ADDRESSED:   Help! I received bad advice from Rabbis Lapse in kashrut Continue Reading


Merkos Shluchim Worcester, MA 1967: Rabbi Zalman Deitsch (whose Yahrtzeit is Sunday 29 Tammuz) and Yibadel Lechaim Tovim Rabbi Yisroel Shmotkin Continue Reading

Chabad of Gush Katif Distributes 350 Shabbos Meals

This week, Chabad of Gush Katif distributed 350 portions of food for Shabbos in Nitzan and Ein Tsurim. Local residents had been holed up in their homes and shelters due to the con Continue Reading


In memory of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben R' Zalman Yuda Deitsch OBM
Exile is not simply a geographic location or an historical era. Exile is a state of mind in which there exists a ba Continue Reading


Thousands of Hamas-linked terrorists planned to invade Israel on the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), which begins on September 24, according to an Israel security source. First Continue Reading

New gazebos inaugurated in Camp Gan Yisroel, NY

Two beautiful wooden gazebos were recently donated by Hershey Chitrik together with his mother Slava to Gan Yisroel Parksville. The gazebos were donated in loving memory of Shmu Continue Reading

HAPPY 80th RABBI SCHWEI! would like to wish a very hearty Happy 80th - Ben Shmonim Le"Gevura - until 120 - Birthday to Rabbi Aron Yaacov Schwei, Chaver Habadatz of Crown Heights. May Hashem b Continue Reading

Miraculous Escape in Ganei Yochanan

On Sunday, the shliach in Ganei Yochanan Rabbi Avraham Prudanshetzky told the following amazing story:
“On Friday, we organized a huge mivtza on our yishuv. We gave out Shabbos Continue Reading

Chabad of Hunterdon County raises $130,000 @ dinner

Chabad of Hunterdon County, NJ celebrated its 11th anniversary dinner banquet at the Grand Colonial in Perryville. It was a special event with many community, business as well as Continue Reading

Tehillim for Israel in S. Paul

S. Paul, MN - Rabbi Asher Zeilingold arranged a tehillim gathering of Anash for the safety of the Yidden in Eretz Yisroel. Approximately  150 men, women, and children joined to Continue Reading

Shabbos Mevorchim Menachem Av, Chazak, Parshas Massei 5774 in Crown Heights

On Friday night there was at least 1 Sholom Zochor k"ah.

Eli Edelman Davened Shachris  @ the Umud downstairs.   Levi Yitzchok Abramowitz Davened Mussaf @ the Umud downstairs. In Continue Reading

Israeli Minister Engages in Spiritual Defense on Behalf of IDF

( Israel’s Defense Minister Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon set aside a few minutes on Thursday to write the first letter in a new Torah scroll being written in Israel i Continue Reading

Fragments of Rocket Shrapnel Found Next to Kfar Chabad

Fragments from a rocket missile shot down on Friday afternoon by the Iron Dome anti-missile system have been found in orchards next to Kfar Chabad.
The leader of Kfar Chabad’s Continue Reading


Shloimy & Mirele Greenwald 
@ 648 Eastern Parkway
GOT MORE?  PLEASE TEXT US TO 718-413-9184 OR email us @ This e-mail add Continue Reading

UK Shluchim gather for 1st Kinnus since passing of Head Shliach

From a single house to a household name, Lubavitch UK has grown over the past 6 decades to a network of 115 Shluchim who span the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

This Continue Reading

Boruch Dayan Haemes - Rabbi Meshulam Weiss OBM

With sadness we inform you of the passing of HaRav HaChossid  Rabbi Meshulam Weiss OBM.

The Niftar is survived by Yibadlu Lechaim Tovim: his wife Mrs. Eileen Weiss and chil Continue Reading


In memory of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben R' Zalman Yuda Deitsch OBM
Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said: "Where is Resurrection derived from the Torah? -- From the verse in Psalms, `Happy ar Continue Reading

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