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Chabad Volunteers Hold Farbrengen in Ramle

The head shliach in Ramle Rabbi Avraham Madoyal held a rally and farbrengen in honor of Chai Elul this week. The farbrengen also marked the launch of a campaign b Continue Reading

Eshnav Holds Shabbaton With Rabbi Yechezkel Sofer

Last Shabbos, Chabad’s Eshnav organization ran a special program in Kfar Chabad for families who are close to Chabad. The guest of honor was Rabbi Yechezkel Sof Continue Reading

New Transport Connection Created Between Kfar Chabad and Beitar Ilit

For many years, Chabad Chassidim from Beitar Ilit have endured a terrible journey to get to Kfar Chabad. A plan is under way to create a daily direct bus route betwe Continue Reading


In memory of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben R' Zalman Yuda Deitsch OBM

At the close of Neila, after the Yom Kippur service, we declare "Shema Yisrael" and "G-d is the L-rd" - statements t Continue Reading

Chabad Talmud Torah Students Take to the Skies

This year, the Tzivos Menachem Talmud Torah in Haifa ran a special learning mivtza on the subject of Shemittah. The students studied the halachos of Shemittah, as Continue Reading

Much Loved Kfar Chabad Electrician Was a “Mengele Twin”

This morning, Maj. (res.) Ephraim Schechter passed away after a very serious illness. The residents of Kfar Chabad knew Mr. Schechter as a skilled electrician. For Continue Reading

A Farbrengen is Held As New Shul in Beitar is Planned

On Motzoei Shabbos, a special meeting and melave malka was held in Beitar Ilit as plans were discussed for the construction of a new shul on Rechov Ohev Yisrael. T Continue Reading

Kiryat Yam Mayor Opens New School Year at Ohr Avner Kindergarten

David Even Tzur led a large group of city officials and Rabbi Moshe Sh. Oirechman, one of the leading Rabbis and Chabad shliach in Kiryat Yam, opened the new schoo Continue Reading


In memory of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben R' Zalman Yuda Deitsch OBM

Rabbi Yishmael taught: In the merit of three things, one of which is the mitzva (commandment) of Lulav, we will meri Continue Reading

150 Parents in Jerusalem Neighborhood Choose Chabad

Against all odds, the new school year opened in the Holyland neighborhood in Jerusalem with two new Chabad kindergartens that were built in just six months. The kind Continue Reading

1,000 Food Parcels for Needy Families in Hadera

Dozens of volunteers packed good into food parcels for needy families this week at the Chabad House distribution center in Hadera, including businesspeople and pri Continue Reading


In memory of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben R' Zalman Yuda Deitsch OBM

The meaning of the verse in the Torah portion of Nitzavim, "Gd will return your captivity" is clear. Gd will gather Continue Reading

Bar Mitzvah of Shliach’s Son Becomes Moving Chabad Evening

Last week, the bar mitzvah of Yosef Yisrael Lisson, son of shliach Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Lisson of western Haifa was held at the Congress Gardens Hall in the city. Gu Continue Reading
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( While many Haredi and Chassidic communities continue to Continue Reading

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