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Reminder: Friday night (& Shabbos day) count 4 days to the Omer.
Sponsored by Zalman & Fradie Chein & family - Crown Heights


Posted Thursday, Mar 1 2012 1:23pm in Engagement, Crown Heights, Mazel Tovs, Chicago

Shmuli (ben R' Levi) Bukiet (Chicago, IL) to Chaya (bas R' Chanoch) Kagan (Crown Heights)

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Thursday, Mar 1 2012 1:27pm

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  • Dear Reb Chonoch Kagan
    Dear Reb Chonoch Kagan
    01 March 2012 at 15:29 |

    In the name of the entire Kollel Minyan we truly with you a huge Mazel Tov!!!! May you only make simchas!!!

    The Gaboyim

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