REBBE VIDEO: The Mitteler Rebbe’s Liberation

Kislev 9, marks the Birth and Passing of  Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch, son of and successor to the founder of Chabad Chassidism, Rabbi Schneur Zalman·of Liadi. Just one day Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Remembering Rabbi Levi Deitsch A"H

In commemoration of the Yahrtzeit of HaRav HaChossid, HaTomim, HaShliach, friend and mentor to hundreds, Rabbi Levi Deitsch, on Wednesday the 6th of Kislev, we present a video tri Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: A Lesson in Business and Livelihood

After asking the Rebbe for business advice, Mr and Mrs Azar requested a blessing for wealth. Along with a “double portion of  blessing”, they Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Shliach Gives TEDx Talk

Rabbi Raleigh Resnick analyzes the power of staying in the moment to solve problems. His analysis and storytelling abilities make for a great Talk. Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: The Rebbe: IDF = Physical Defense AND Spiritual Defense

If the Israel Defense Forces are to live up to their name, they must also be active in defending the fabric of Jewish life –Torah and Mitzvos. Continue Reading

Video of Schneur Zalman Pevzner, a”h, with Singer Yoni Shlomo

Tomim Schneur Zalman Pevzner, a”h, son of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Pevzner, ybl”c, director of the Sinai in Paris, passed away this week from a very serious illness.   In this Continue Reading

VIDEO: Human Interaction = A Nuclear Impact

Overwhelmed by mounting questions about his work in the rabbinate and Jewish outreach, as well as in his business, Rabbi David Lapin sought advice from the Rebbe. Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: Rare footage triggers childhood memories

A video of rare footage showing the Rebbe as he walks to the Chabad library housed next door to 770. Beginning in the early 80’s the Rebbe would spend Shabbos with the R Continue Reading

Boruch Dayan Haemes - Stanley Goldstein of Bencraft Hatters

SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO With sadness  we inform you of the passing of  Bencraft Hatters Owner Stanley Goldstein at age 87. The levaya will be tomorrow morning at Sinai Chapels - Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rabbi Aron Eliezer Ceitlin

Rabbi Aron Eliezer Ceitlin would write monthly reports to the Rebbe when he was a senior yeshiva student in Tzefat, Israel. Approaching the month of Nissan, he decided to include Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: Torah Study: Only for scholars? The Rebbe's response

Torah describes the symbiotic relationship between the sea-faring tribe of Zevulun and the scholarly tribe of Issachar. Zevulun supported the Torah stu Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: A Lesson from Kosher Slaughter: The Rebbe's Impassioned Defense of the Jewish People

The month of Elul is a time for repentance and introspection before the coming of Rosh Hashanah. Like Reb Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev, the renowned "def Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Special class for 20 Av with Rabbi Levi Garelik

Chof Menachem Av – The Rebbe’s father’s Yohrzeit.

1. Personal interactions with the Rebbe and his mother, the Rebbetzin Chana, in connection with the Rebbe’s father Horav L Continue Reading