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Reminder: Tuesday night (& Wednesday day) count 8 days to the Omer.
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VIDEO: Singing the Rebbe's New Kapitel

112 years ago, on this very day, a beautiful loving soul filled with great light, entered our world. The Rebbe was born in 1902, on the 11th day of Nissan, in Nikolaev, Russia, to Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: How To Kasher a Kitchen

An informational video from the CRC on how to kasher a kitchen for Pesach or year round. Continue Reading

VIDEO: 11 Nissan: Special Edition for the Rebbe's Birthday

The Chassidus Perspective with Reb Yoel Kahn (with English subtitles) is a project of Merkaz Anash providing Anash with practical education and inspiration.   The video was fi Continue Reading
Article by Menachem Posner -

VIDEO: Netanyahu Gets More Than a Taste of Shmurah Matzah in Kfar Chabad

SCROLL DOWN FOR THE SPECIAL VIDEO “Every year, for decades, I have been getting shmurah matzahs from Chabad,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit tod Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: A Mikvah for Whom?

Rabbi Moishe Engel was among the shluchim in Long Beach, California, who dreamt of opening a kosher store or starting a Hebrew school to help boost the community's Jew Continue Reading

Man Beaten By Cops In Crown Heights Agrees To $100K Settlement With City

Brooklyn, NY - A 22 year-old Brooklyn man, whose beating at the hands of NYPD cops inside a Crown Heights synagogue was captured by videotape surveillance, has agreed to a $100,00 Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Bentley of Matzah

Shmura Handmade Matzah... the Bentley of Matzah Continue Reading

SIMON LIVE: Coping with Unspeakable Tragedy

When: Live tonight, Sunday, 21 Adar 2,  8PMEST
Where: RIGHT HERE, scroll down on
How does a chassid face unspeakable loss? What do the Rebbeim tell us about tragic dea Continue Reading

VIDEO: Invocation in memory of Head Shliach

Rabbi Baruch Epstein delivered an invocation last week in memory of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz before the Cook County Board of Commissioners meeting. Continue Reading

VIDEO: The Chassidus Perspective: A Commitment Beyond Understanding

The Chassidus Perspective with Reb Yoel Kahn (with English subtitles) is a project of Merkaz Anash providing Anash with practical education and inspiration.   The video was fi Continue Reading

11 Nissan 5774 - Marking the Rebbe's 112th Birthday

Today, 11 Nissan 5773 marks 112 years since the birth of the Rebbe.
In honor of this milestone, is offering  the articles and videos below to provide some insight in Continue Reading

VIDEO: Rashi Minkowicz Memorial Service & Tribute

FULL video of the Rashi Minkowicz Memorial Service & Tribute April 3, 2014 in Alpharetta, GA. For more about Rashi visit Continue Reading

SIMON LIVE: Shalom Bayis on Pesach, Shliach Rivalry, Abusive Parents and More

When: Live tonight, Sunday, 6 Nissan,  8PMEST
Where: RIGHT HERE, scroll down on   Pesach is approaching and tensions are high. Within families, disagreements are more Continue Reading


Newly discovered footage of a Farbrengen marking the Rebbe’s seventy-fifth birthday. Wide range of people presenting gifts to The Rebbe. From the Mayor of NYC, a Me Continue Reading

SIMON LIVE: Choosing Our Battles: Sibling Rivalry, Women's Rights, and Bettering Our Spouses

When: Live tonight, Sunday, 28 Adar 2,  8PMEST
Where: RIGHT HERE, scroll down on
Is Chassidus meant for women? How should I deal with an addicted spouse – with comp Continue Reading

VIDEO: The Restaurant with No Cash Register...

Fresh, locally sourced food? Check. Art on the walls? Check. Helping New York's hungry? Check.

The phrase “soup kitchen” doesn’t exactly ooze comfort. Getting meals to the h Continue Reading

VIDEO: Jewish Day school celebrates move to downtown Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) - Kentucky's only Jewish Day school is celebrating a move to downtown Louisville.
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer was on hand to officially cut the ribbon on Continue Reading Staff

VIDEO: New Film Documents Historic Blood Libel

Earlier this year, announced the launch of a special page dedicated to the Mendel Beilis case, the last major blood-libel trial of the 20th century. After several month Continue Reading

VIDEO: It Is finally here!

65 Years to the day that the Previous Rebbe accepted citizenship from the United States in a special ceremony in his office. Here is a clip from a the newly restored DVD "Americ Continue Reading

VIDEO: Eyewitness Account: Inside the Downfall of a Modern-Day Haman

Joseph Stalin, the dictator of the Soviet Union, responsible for the murder of over twenty million human beings (with some estimates running as high as 40,000,000) was one of t Continue Reading

VIDEO: Chabad Orthodox Jewish congregation welcomes gift of Torah

Singing, dancing and clapping in a procession down 71st Street, members of Chabad welcomed a new Torah scroll into their Orthodox Jewish community Sunday afternoon. The scroll, fr Continue Reading