VIDEO OF THE DAY: A tribute to his life and legacy of Rabbi Gordon - Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon, 66, teacher to tens of thousands on our site and beyond, passed away this morning in California. Continue Reading

Mega Hakhel in Montreal

All the Chabad Houses in Montreal are getting together for a massive Hakhel gathering on 5 Adar 1. Check out the nice promo video below. Continue Reading

VIDEO: The Story Behind the Extra Dollars from the Rebbe

Jordana Stockhamer shares a personal story at the Jewish Women’s Retreat in Toronto. Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: He Agreed To Share This Powerful Story With Me...

Scroll down for an inspiring story about 10 Shevat 5754 in the Rebbe's room as told by Rabbi Moshe Klein Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: A Niggun of Joy

This week’s Living Torah is themed around the upcoming Yom Histalkus of the Alter Rebbe, Chof Daled Teves. In the Sicha, the Rebbe expounds on some striking similarities b Continue Reading

Jewish center planned for $1.5 million house donated by Worcester's Krock family

WORCESTER - Local businessman Barry Krock and his wife, Janet, have donated their $1.5 million mansion at 300 Salisbury St. to an organization run by Central Mass. Chabad, a local Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: Spiritual Hunger

As is done each week, JEM is once again featuring a free video on their YouTube channel. This week’s video is of a sicha delivered to the boys and girls at a children’ Continue Reading

VIDEO: Alaska's head Shliach leads opening prayer in U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON -- Rabbi Yosef Greenberg, an Alaskan, opened the U.S. Senate session on Wednesday morning with a prayer, acting as guest chaplain. Greenberg, director of the Lubavitch Continue Reading

Global Webcast Replay: “Take to Heart”

The 22nd of Shevat marks the yarhtzeit of our dear Rebbetzin Chaya Mushkah Schneersohn (wife of the Rebbe). Join Chassidim around the world and tune into this special webcast with Continue Reading

LIVE BROADCAST - International Kinus Hatmimim

The International Kinus Hatmimim is taking place tonight , in Bais Rivkah - 470 Lefferts Ave in Crown Heights.  Join the 2500 Bochurim who will be attending, and feel the spirit Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: When The Rebbe Requested A Favor

As Chassidim around the world prepare for Yud Shevat, JEM’s Living Torah proves a great Hachana to this special day.
In this week’s Living Torah, JEM offers a special Continue Reading
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SNS ED. Longtime readers of have surely read this story before, however, for the benefit of all our new readers and those who perhaps missed it we bring it to you again Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Didan Notzach

Chasidim celebrate the ruling of the US Court of Appeals, upholding Agudas Chasidei Chabad's ownership of the Previous Rebbe's library.r style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; line-height: 17px;" />r st Continue Reading