VIDEO: Crown Heights ‘Knockout Game’

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 11:45PM: Three male blacks are seen punching a Hasidic teenager in what appears to be a “knockout game” attack. The incident occurred on Albany A Continue Reading

VIDEO: Brazen Thieves Steal Bikes

Sunday, August 10, 2014 at approximately 5:40PM two male blacks who appear to be in their teens entered CH-Cycles bicycle shop on Empire Blvd and after a quick look around make of Continue Reading

A Special Video About the Chabad House of Gush Katif

To commemorate the ninth anniversary of the disengagement, the Gush Katif Residents Council produced a very moving video about the Chabad House of Gush Katif, which is run by Rabb Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: Kabbalah for Kids?

The fifth of Av marks the passing of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, known as the Arizal, who was a foremost scholar of Jewish mysticism and the father of his own school of Ka Continue Reading

REBBE VIDEO: Peace Through Power

The Rebbe Speaks to Major General Yosef Ben Chanan on 21 Iyar 5748 - May 8 1988 Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Benny Friedman & Nemouel Harroch

Hamenagnim - Benny Friedman & Nemouel Harroch‎‏ singing the Rebbe's Niggunim @ Nokia arena Tel Aviv, Gimmel Tammuz 5774. Continue Reading

VIDEO: Hiskashrus Today: Part 2 with Reb Yoel Kahan


The Chassidius Perspective with Reb Yoel Kahn is a project of Merkaz Anash, providing Anash with practical education and inspiration. It is Prepared by R Continue Reading

VIDEO: Rabbi Schneerson One of Great Jewish Leaders of All Time

History will reflect Menachem Mendel Schneerson as one of the world's most endearing and dynamic Jewish leaders of all time, according to biographer Rabbi Joseph Telushkin.

S Continue Reading

Mourners in Brooklyn gather en masse at funeral of rabbi shot down in Miami

NY DAILY NEWS - A beloved Brooklyn rabbi gunned down as he walked to a Miami synagogue was mourned by thousands Monday on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, many crying out for jus Continue Reading

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rabbi JJ Hecht's Miracle saved every Rabbi In USA!

In connection with the 24th Yahrtzeit - on the 15th of Av 5774 - of Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda (JJ) Hecht, is pleased to repost an exclusive  video from an address  in 77 Continue Reading


In connection with Tisha B'Av, is pleased to present an hour-long video of Camp Gan Yisroel New York Staff Play 5771 - Bar Kamtza. Continue Reading

SIMON LIVE: Bad Advice from Rabbis and more...

When: Live tonight, Sunday, 29 Tammuz,  8PM EST
Where: RIGHT HERE, scroll down on TOPICS TO BE ADDRESSED:   Help! I received bad advice from Rabbis Lapse in kashrut Continue Reading

VIDEO: Rebbe’s “Timeless Leadership” Touted At Evening of Reflection

Leadership usually passes when a leader passes away. History is full of examples of reversals in growth or strength following the death of strong religious, political, military or Continue Reading

VIDEO: Avremel Brings Comfort to the Bereaved Families of the Three Bochurim, Hy’d

On Motzoei Shabbos, Chassidic performer Avraham Fried brought comfort to the bereaved families of the three bochurim kidnapped and brutally murdered by Arab terrorists. At abou Continue Reading

Video: Grandfather of Kidnap Victim Speaks

Just before he recited a chapter of Tehillim for the three kidnapped yeshiva bochurim at the recent Gimmel Tammuz event at Yad Eliyahu in Tel Aviv, Rabbi Amram Yifrach, grandfa Continue Reading

SIMON LIVE: Special Rebbe Edition

When: Live tonight, Sunday, 24 Sivan,  8PMEST
Where: RIGHT HERE, scroll down on With 20 years since Gimmel Tammuz quickly approaching, this special edition of MyLife w Continue Reading