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infant shoe

Silver infant shoe

Antique Watch

Womans antique watch

blonde sheitel

a blonde shevy sheitel

Bunch of keys

Bunch of keys

Car Keys

Found set of car keys with remote on Albany Ave. ( Possibly GM Canadian vehicle ) Please call 347 585 2517

Cash and a Card

Cash and a card were found in close proximity to Kingston ave

Cell phone found!

A black Samsung metroPCS cell phone with a picture of the Rebbe as the wallpaper was found on Kingston Avenue between Union St. and Eastern Parkway on the side of 770.

D70 nikon camera lost

If you are one of the 2 israeli boys who came back to crown heights from LGA and were dropped at 1414...did you by any chance see a nikon D70 and take it out of the taxi with you.. please say yes!


Earring found near chof-beis Shevat. 718-764-3502.

FOUND - cash

Money found in 555 Crown Street building last Thursday. If it's yours please TEXT 917 544 9684

Found a Backpack

Found, a clear child's backpack in Richmond Town, Staten Island, NY. Contains a set of keys and a Chitas.

found little (boys) leather shoe

blue and white leather moccassin with velcro strap. On the corner of Carroll St. and New York Avenue. I placed it on top of the gate.